This page contains documentation and examples of various parts of the Double Dot Labs CSS Framework - available through NPM, UNPKG, or in source form on GitHub. It is distributed as open source software under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

Many of the components in this framework are based on Google's Material Design system, which have been adapted for our own use. This documentation lacks a lot of the use cases & detailed examples present in Google's documentation, as it doesn't seem necessary to repeat them - instead, it focuses on functional code examples of each component.


Buttons The button is a thing that can be clicked. It usually performs an action. Input Input elements allow the user to change information on the page to specify individual parameters. Items An item is a clickable element inside of a list or grid, used to display an array of data for navigation. Layouts A layout... it organizes child elements. Links A link is a strange layout containing a single icon and title. I found it necessary for some reason.