Double Dot Labs Individual Contributor License Agreement (CC0) v1.0

Thank you for contributing to Double Dot Labs. This document clarifies the terms under which you, the person listed below, may make contributions to any of the projects owned or managed by Double Dot Labs that are published under the public domain using the CC0.

Please complete the following information about you and your contributions. If you have questions about these terms, please contact us at

By completing this agreement, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions for your present and future contributions that are submitted to Double Dot Labs projects under the terms of this CLA.


Double Dot Labs projects, including code contributions and all related materials, are each released under the terms of the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal license. Through this license, all copyright and related rights to the material in the repository are waived.

The text of the copyright statement is included in the LICENSE file included in the repository.

You certify that: