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This blog exists as a centralized collection for documenting anything and everything that exists in open source software. If you would like to contribute your own article to this collection, please see the instructions in the blog's repository on GitHub.

Angular Templates — From Start to Source | July 7 2019 - Corbin Crutchley
Learn how templates work in Angular. From the basics to being able to read Angular source code and write your own structural directives
Introduction to Android: Contexts, Intents, and the Activity lifecycle | March 18 2019 - James Fenn
A basic overview of the main components of an Android app and how they interact with each other and the Android system.
Joining Freenode IRC: A Guide | March 6 2019 - James Fenn
Basic (but detailed) instructions for setting up a Freenode IRC account through various clients.
Continuous Integration with Travis CI for Android | November 14 2018 - James Fenn
An in-depth tutorial explaining how to set up Travis CI to deploy signed builds to Google Play. Among other things.