Double Dot Labs is a group of developers and designers building things for the open source community. By providing resources for developers and encouraging collaboration, we hope to bring new people into open source and help to connect them with meaningful projects and ideas.

Okay, that’s a fairly vague description of what we do. We are hoping to expand upon this later, but to be honest we’re not really quite ready to do that yet. At the moment, we are working with the amazing people at Unicorn Utterances to create a collection of educational material for everyone. We have various projects of our own - such as the “doki” Android library and “DungeonGL”, which we will continue to support and maintain. As ludicrous as it sounds for a bunch of nerds building free software, we hope to grow this into a profitable business which can support our goals and help us continue to write good code.


For most of our endeavors, we largely rely on either the Unlicense or CC0 in order to attribute objectively educational material directly to the public domain. However, outside of educational material - in cases where the origin of a particular material may matter to its eventual end users (e.g. in a dependency which may be implemented by other works) - a slightly less permissive option such as the MIT License may be used to ensure that derivatives of the work remain open and trustworthy; copyright will be attributed to “[project] contributors” in these cases. In situations specifically related to Double Dot Labs (the source code of this site, for example), ownership may be slightly more restricted with the copyright attributed to “Double Dot Labs members.” It is important to note that while Double Dot Labs is not an actual legal entity, its members are, and this statement remains valid as a result.


Currently, membership is restricted to people who have significant and active involvement in our projects. If you consider yourself an active contributor to our work and would like to be included as a member, send an email to with the subject line ‘Member Request’ and we will respond accordingly.

Membership does not in any way imply an endorsement of a particular individual by Double Dot Labs, nor does it grant any higher privileges or priority over other people in the community.


Double Dot Labs has an off-topic channel on that is used for general discussion. To join, you can follow this link to access the web client, or follow the steps below to join it using another client:

  1. Set the server address to
  2. Does your client have support for SSL/TLS? If so, set the port to 6697, otherwise use port 6667.
  3. Use the command /nick <nickname> to change your nickname.
  4. Join the ##doubledotlabs channel by running the command /join ##doubledotlabs.

If you plan to use the same nickname the next time you visit, it is recommended to register it with freenode so that you can verify your identity in the future and prevent the nickname from being taken by somebody else. You can do this by following the steps in freenode’s documentation.

For a more detailed version of the above steps, see our published article on Joining Freenode IRC: A Guide.

Code of Conduct

Double Dot Labs’ code of conduct can be found here. This conduct helps us to create a safe and positive community experience for all. Instances of unacceptable behavior as defined in this code of conduct may be reported to